Brand Message

Our journey began with a dream. Our initial vision was to create an iconic pencil case that would stand the test of time. It took us 5 years to make our dream a reality and crafted the first piece of art exactly as we envisioned it. Every step of the process brought us joy and satisfaction making us realize that with passion and hard work every dream can come to life. This marks the birth of Cuir Elixir, a symbol that inspires, enhances, and sustains us, giving a meaningful life of love. The essence of our brand is to cultivate a fusion between creative dialog and true craftemanship.

 It is inherited, inherent, and unique for your personal indulgence.

This is Cuir Elixir.


Cuir Elixir Leather



Embarking on a creative journey, two devoted leather aficionados, STEVEN and FILIPPO, are shaping extraordinary leather accessories that defy convention, a vision of leathercraft that unfolds like an unparalleled masterpiece ( photo taken in Scandicci, Italy).


Inspired by Crater Lake. USA.

Immerse the soul, imprint in the heart, and initiate the imagination.

Moonlight Blue, White, and Grey symbolize the ocean, snow, and land respectively.




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