Upgrade Your Travel Look with a Chic Sunglasses Case

If you like outdoor activities, then carrying sunglasses is a necessary precaution to protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun and debris. However, it’s not just about functionality. When looking amazing while traveling or going on a romantic date, it’s not just about what you wear or how you style your hair. It’s also about the little accessories you carry, like a leather case for your sunglasses. We know the joy of wearing or carrying the finest leather accessory is one of a kind.

Imagine this, you’re dressed in your finest clothes, and you reach into your bag or jacket to pull out your trendy sunglasses, only to find them damaged or scratched. It can be an embarrassing and frustrating situation. Or worse, you pull out your sunglasses from a cheap plastic case, and it clashes with the rest of your stylish ensemble. It’s wise to invest in a high-quality and stylish leather case and think about the statement you want your leather goods to make.

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When we started our leather sunglasses case project, we wanted to design a minimalist case that offers a sleek and compact option for protecting your sunglasses that can fit perfectly in your jacket pocket. Also, it can elevate any of your outfits, express your individuality, and taste, and enhance your everyday indulgence. After carefully reviewing the available case’s designs and constructions, we opted to design our own minimalist piece. This design has a “one-piece” full-grained supple leather interior, a navy-blue nubuck leather lining, with a snap button on the backside for closure. It has a traditional, timeless style ideal for the discerning gentleman who appreciates the finer things in life.

Cuir Elixir Lustrochetta Sunglasses Case

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At Cuir Elixir, our mission is to inspire, enhance, and sustain your indulgence in the finest leather accessories. The Cuir Elixir slim profile sunglasses case is made with a passion for perfection to sustain your indulgence. The Cuir Elixir sunglasses case boasts a premium cut of one piece full-grain, vegetable-tanned Vachetta leather. It will age gracefully, developing a unique patina over time that tells the story of your life’s adventures. The rich navy-blue hues of the durable nubuck leather lining effortlessly shields your glasses from scratches and other forms of damage.

The Cuir Elixir sunglasses case is a must-have accessory for your wardrobe collection. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or exploring new cities, this sunglasses case is the perfect companion for your adventures, adding a touch of luxury to your daily routine, elevating even the most mundane moments.

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