Nubuck Leather Bring the Lining Material to the Next Level for Luxury Leather Goods

We might all experience this awkward and embarrassing moment. The lining of your suit jacket or leather bag tears and all your essentials spill out of your bag. Therefore, it’s crucial that we take the time to understand and choose a good lining material for our adored  leather bags and accessories to ensure we’re presenting our best self at any dat e or gathering. When it comes to luxury leather goods, Nubuck leather is a top choice for lining materials due to its durability, breathability, comfort, ease of care and   luxurious look. If you’re looking for a lining material that will last for years to come and remain looking good, then Nubuck leather is the way to go. Here, we are covering some important explanations that may help you to understand why Nubuck leather is a great choice for our leather goods collection.

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4 reasons of to use Nubuck leather as the lining material

Nubuck leather is made by buffing the top layer of cowhide, giving it a velvety surface and unique texture that makes it an ideal choice for the lining material of many high-end leather products. Some people have confused Nubuck leather with Suede leather. Nubuck and Suede have similar looks and feel, but the difference comes when Nubuck leather is of high quality and durable. Nubuck is strong and lasting since it is derived from the outer layer of the skin or hide. The top grain of first-grade leather made from calfskin is the one that has been used to make our Nubuck leather.  Th e fibers of the Nubuck leather have a fine structure and are durable.

Nubuck leather is more durable than Suede

When it comes to durability, Nubuck leather has an advantage over other leathers because it is resistant to scratches, water, dirt, and wear and tear, which makes it an excellent material in a hot and humid climate. It will last longer than many other types of lining materials such as nylon or faux leathers.

Nubuck leather is more breathable than synthetic leathers

In addition to being durable, nubuck leather is also highly breathable. The leather allows air to pass through, keeping it from becoming damp and smelly. This breathability makes it an ideal material for any leather goods or accessories that are kept close to the body.

Nubuck leather is easy to maintain

Nubuck leather is easy to care for and maintain. The less maintenance is due to the velvety surface, which does not require daily cleaning. It retains slight water-resistant properties to cope with small splashes or water drops. You can simply wipe it with a damp cloth and mild soap to keep it looking clean and fresh. Unlike other types of leather, you don’t need to apply any special treatments or conditioners to keep the leather looking its best.

Nubuck leather has a luxurious look

Finally, Nubuck leather has a history of glamor and aristocracy.  Nubuck leather is soft to the touch, unique in aesthetic, and an elegant addition to your travel outfit.

Nubuck Leather

Cuir Elixir’s Signature Blue Nubuck Leather

In Cuir Elixir, we pursue a stylish lifestyle with the finest leather accessories to inspire, enhance and sustain your indulgence. Our crafts are designed with full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather from the finest Italian and French tanneries with the top-grade blue Nubuck leather as the lining material. With Cuir Elixir, the combination of the best exterior and interior leather hides creates an unmatched quality product to last a lifetime and offer an exquisite look. Welcome to our collection online, where you’ll find the art and beauty of our blue Nubuck lining in our Tanoso and Tanchetta watch case, Lustrochetta pencil case, wash bag, sunglasses case and iPad Pro sleeve.

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