New Vachetta Leather For Any Leather Aficionado

High quality leather simply appears to get more beautiful with time, much like aged scotch. This is why leather patina is so fascinating, because each leather accessory you own will reveal a story and become a part of you. However, not all leather can develop a patina. The patina is most noticeable in full-grain and natural vegetable-tanned Vachetta leather. That is why Vachetta leather has been the sought-after leather by leather aficionados for many years . This was particularly true when we started to see the strap and trim parts in Louis Vuitton bags and in Carl Friedrik’s leather collections.

For a long time, Vachetta leather has been referred to as untreated, vegetable-tanned calf leather. Not all of us like the initial pale beige or off-white color of Vachetta leather, especially because it takes years for the Vachetta leather to turn dark brown or the color you desire. Also, Vachetta leather tends to scratch more easily than other leathers due to its thin, soft skin and lack of treatments and finishings during the production process. Imagine having a new Vachetta leather that has an anti-scratch feature and an already exquisite classic sienna brown color rather than the light beige/white look. Here, we are uncovering a new Vachetta leather created by Cuir Elixir for any leather aficionado.

Vachetta Leather

What is the New Cuir Elixir’s Signature Lustrochetta & Tanchetta Vachetta Leather?

The name Vachetta comes from the French word for cattle. It has an Italian heritage, being produced mainly in Tuscany. The Vachetta leather undergoes several processes in its production to have a natural look maintained. Additive and protection treatments are not added, hence making the leather very absorbent. In Cuir Elixir, we pursue a stylish lifestyle with the finest leather accessories to inspire, enhance and sustain your indulgence. The true heart of our crafts is the soul of our leathers. Cuir Elixir has worked with a world-reputable tannery in Tuscany to develop two unique leathers for Cuir Elixir’s Lustrochetta and Tanchetta collections.

Tanchetta Vachetta Leather

The Lustrochetta and Tanchetta series are crafted with a full-grain Vachetta leather in Cuir Elixir’s signature sienna brown, from Tuscany, Italy. The Cuir Elixir’s Lustrochetta series is designed in soft leather with characteristics to uniquely maintain its original shape. This special vegetable-tanned skin can achieve excellent scratch-resistance, durability and incredible softness without showing creases and changes in shape after years of use. The Tanchetta series is our other Vachetta leather with semi-firm leather, that uses vegetable extracts and proprietary tannage, and is distinguished by its crisp, clean, anti-scratch features. This special vegetable-tanned skin has achieved excellent water-resistant, stain-resistant and a refined grain pattern compared to the traditional chrome-tanned leather. These sumptuous creations exude casual elegance while carrying a classic cowhide aroma, which ignites your leather obsession. These leathers are highly sought-after masterpieces which emanate masculine elegance. Welcome to our collection online, where you’ll find the art and beauty of our Vachetta leather in our watch case, pencil case, toiletry bag, sunglasses case, portfolio bag, tie case and iPad Pro sleeve.

How To Clean Vachetta Leather

Vachetta leather is an untreated leather, so you will need to clean it with caution. You can simply wipe it gently with a damp, unscented cloth, and a high-quality leather cream to keep it looking clean and fresh. Don’t apply any special treatments or conditioners to keep the leather looking its best. The Cuir Elixir Leather Cream is designed for Vachetta leather to add lustrous shine, keeping your leather goods supple and hydrated so that they can continue to develop an exquisite patina.

Leather Cream

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