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When stopped at a red light do you look at you watch? It is a strange little hobby for watch enthusiasts while it’s the utmost moment of indulgence. A watch isn’t about telling time, it’s about your relationship with time. Sometimes a watch can demonstrate your taste, style, and status. The other times, a watch you wear is an heirloom that belonged to your father and grandfather to honor the memories. Watches also give us a sense of control and comfort that may increase our confidence and assist us to excel through the toughest days. However, air travel can be worrisome for lavish watch followers as the magnetic scan and security checks may scratch and harm your watch. By the same token, you don’t want to wear a luxury timepiece, but carry a plastic or cheap looking watch case. That’s like getting a bottle of 1969 Château Lafite Rothschild and drinking it with pizza. Imagine the indulgence of taking out your beloved watch from an elegant leather case and doing up the clasp and feeling it tighten around your wrist. If you enjoy watches and your travelling, purchasing a high-quality leather watch case not only can eliminate problems like scratches, spills, and travel damage but also add a handsome addition to your collection. Therefore, we have come up with some suggestions for choosing a stylish leather watch case to let you savor the moment when traveling with your luxury timepieces.

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Size & Capacity

The right size is crucial for a watch case. A good-sized watch case can carry your adored timepieces with easy access for whatever you need while not being too large to fit into your duffle bag or luggage. A watch case with a removable cushion can hold various types of watches and prevent from rattling around in the case. A single watch case is the ideal size for a three-to-fourteen-day trip. It is small, portable, and provides optimum protection for your watch to secure it efficiently when it is placed in a suitcase. Even if you have a significant collection of expensive timepieces, it is neither sensible nor practical to bring them all with you. A single watch case is lightweight; you always have your watches in sight. Simply carrying a single high-quality watch case, you can wear one on your wrist and put another perfectly chosen one that’s not in use now into your watch case, so that you might use it on other occasion or when you need another timepiece or showpiece to match your dresses.

Zipper or Roll Type Watch Cases

You need to open and close your watch case every time you use it. These perils force you to shield your luxuriant horological pieces in the protected covers. The roll type cases with snaps tend to pop easily, so a zipper type case can offer adequate protection while travelling. They keep your watch ticking along, maintaining time and shape, so that it’s ready for you to pick up and put on at any time. However, a high-quality zipper is of paramount importance. A robust metal zipper that will not break easily and can last for years is a great choice. A well-constructed watch case with strong stitches and a stitch line that is positioned away from the zip tape seam and symmetrically sewn can ensure that the zipper will not get stuck or hung up on the leather trim. A soft yet durable leather zipper pull can improve the comfort of zipping back and forth effortlessly and add a stylish finishing touch.

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Tanchetta Watch Case_ An Exclusive Travel Essential

Traveling with your posh watch is now practical with the Cuir Elixir. Cuir Elixir meticulously crafted this cubic zipper watch case, perfectly resonating fine craftsmanship that can withstand decades of travel. A robust EXCELLA zipper can gently run along the side in an antique-brass finish leading to a spacious inside with removable cushion detailing. The removable watch cushion can hold various types of watches and it can be taken out of the zipper watch case for easy storage. The navy blue, nubuck leather lining prevents your watches from scratching. The unique leather aroma is nothing but a treat for your beloved watches during harsh travel. They are made to fit effortlessly inside your suitcases, carry-on, or overnight bag. Take extra care of your high-end watch with a case that allows you to travel in style. Even at home, the exquisite Cuir Elixir watch case can also showcase your taste and look gorgeous when placed on a vanity table, bedside, or desk. This special watch travel case is arguably the best choice for leather lovers or collectors.

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