Revel in the moment of indulgence when sliding your precious pen from its stylish pen sleeve

How do you usually carry your precious pen when you wear a nice suit? Do you carry it in the left inside pocket or front pocket or front side of the bag? If you are a person who always worries about where to put your favorite pen, it is time for you to elevate your style with an exquisite pen sleeve instead of chunking it into any pocket.

Imagine the moment you are going to sign your signature. You smoothly pull out your precious pen from your pen sleeve, and gently write your name on the paper to accomplish the mission. You have such a confident smile!

No rush! You don’t have to worry about finding your precious pen. At Cuir Elixir, elegantly taking out the precious pen from its stylish pen sleeve is a moment of indulgence. It creates the vibe and inspiration anytime you are going to write anything with your loved pen.

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Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Single Leather Pen Sleeve

Not all leather pen sleeves are suitable for you. There are a few important things you must keep in mind before purchasing a single leather pen sleeve for your favorite luxury pen. These are:

Size of the Sleeve

Just like a pair of shoes, the pen sleeve will be a bit tight in the beginning and it will stretch out and become loose with use. It’s imperative to check the measurement of the sleeve to ensure it can fit your pen. Most of the pen sleeves can fit small or thin fountain pens, as well as most of the regular pilot and ballpoint pens, but not a larger size pen or fountain pen. The Ideal pen sleeve should fit your favorite pen snugly like a glove but not so snug as to make it difficult to get your pen in and out of its sleeve.

Quality and Temper of Leather

The quality of leather is at a high priority when it comes to choosing an aesthetic leather pen sleeve. Full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather is definitely a good option. Never compromise on the quality of leather. Semi-firm leather is also a good option to hold its shape.

Stitching, Lining, Edge Paint and other Details

A high-quality pen sleeve is nicely cut and sewn. It is also lined to prevent your pen from getting scratches. Supple goat skin or suede leather is the best leather to be used as the inner lining for the pen sleeve. A proper finished edge paint not only drastically improves the durability of the sleeve but also enhances the esthetic to create a unique appearance.

Cuir Elixir Tanchetta Pen Sleeve

At Cuir Elixir, our Tanchetta Pen Sleeve is made with full-grain, vegetable- tanned leather, ensuring its stylish appearance. Made in Italy, this aesthetic pen sleeve is absolutely perfect for people who prefer an elegant lifestyle at every moment. We use the best blue goat skin leather lining, which provides a better texture. This pen sleeve also has the superior quality of scratch resistance, so you can comfortably use it.

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