Why Are Italian Artisans So Special – The Story of FILIPPO MIGLIACCI

Italian craftsmanship has always been praised around the world. When it comes to crafting exclusive goods, the Italian artisans take it as an art. Their superiority with skilled artisans and imaginative designers in arts and crafts always being at the pinnacle of design and quality, so it is always worth to invest anything from an Italian artisan, it is certainly to be the extraordinary of its class.

Why it is so special? When we really got to know many Italian craftsmen and designers, we found out it is the result of growth experiences and cultures which are surrounded by the artistic atmosphere everyday, it is rooted in the country’s history, like Mr. Guccio Gucci, GIVITA’s co-founder, shared with us, in just a few words, “it is our way of life”.
Quality and excellence are what set Made in Italy artisan goods apart from other manufacturers. These two attributes are fundamental to the ethical culture maintaining this strong connection with tradition. Craftsmen still remain the guardians of craftsmanship – maintaining some kind of memory between the past.

Here, we would like to share the story about one of the leather artisans, FILIPPO MIGLIACCI.

FILIPPO MIGLIACCI, is CuirElixir’s master leather accessories maker. When he uncovered his passion for leather, he had just turned seventeen in the late 1980s. He began his career by working in a workshop, where he gained the skills necessary to design patterns out of paper and construct the first items that he later sold at the well-known “Mercato del Porcellino” in the heart of Florence’s historic district.

After that, leather became his lifelong love, he ventured out on his own and founded his first workshop, and made high-end leather items for a well-known German company. At the end of the 1990s, he already had a global reputation. Through the years, he gained success all over the world with his irresistible mix of tradition and creativity, and his workshop became the most significant factory of the most prestigious brand in the world.

Cuir Elixir is fortunate to have him as our leather artisan. Because of his eye for detail and strong knowledge of leathers, he can turn any concept into a one-of-a-kind item that cannot be replicated. His works really set him apart from others.

Filippo has developed a unique leather for Cuir Elixir at his tannery. This leather, called Lustrochetta, even has a unique color. The Lustrochetta series is crafted with a full grain Vachetta leather in Cuir Elixir’s signature sienna brown, from Tuscany, Italy. This soft leather is distinctive in its unique characteristic that allows it to maintain its original shape. This special vegetable-tanned skin can achieve excellent durability and incredibly softness without showing creases and changes in shape after years of use.

leather bag

A symbol that inspires, enhances, and sustains us, giving us a meaningful life of love. The essence of our brand is to cultivate a fusion between creative dialog and true craftemanship.

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