Indulgence with a Tuscan Leather-Scented Candle

As a leather aficionado, I appreciate the finest leather craftsmanship and enjoy leathers that develop patina over time. I have a soft spot for smelling my leather accessories, bags or jackets every time I touch or use them. I like to be surrounded by fine-leather aromas.

Imagine that you take off your stylish, leather jacket, switch on the turntable of a vinyl record player with your beloved Jazz record, pour yourself a cup of your favorite Scotch or Bourbon, pull out your adored cigar from a leather cigar case and precisely cut it, then properly light it , sit on the leather sofa next to a cozy fireplace, and finally light a Tuscan leather -scented candle to start your night.

Leather Scented Candle

The leather scent elevates your mood to your own world of indulgence no matter where you are. Imagine you are sipping Whisky in a chilly winter night in Manhattan, or gazing at a night skyline of skyscrapers in Chicago, or strolling down the warmly-lit cobblestone streets of Paris viewing the Christmas decorations on the Arc de Triomphe. The presence of a strong yet relieving leather scent lingering in your atmosphere gives you the utmost joy.

A Stamp for Fine-Leather Enthusiasts

A Tuscan leather-scented candle emits a highly sophisticated fragrance, full of layers; it starts off with the heavier leather, suede scent.

As the top notes settle, the scent becomes more earthy and the saffron is more apparent with hints of sweetness, and a then more subdued suede, leather scent remains. If you are a leather lover who wants leather everything in your life, you should try it yourself.

Cuir Elixir, Glamora Tuscan Leather-Scented Candle

Cuir Elixir’s Glamora Tuscan leather-scented candle has an extremely seductive depiction of leather and earthy tones that captures the sensuous properties of high-quality leather and its animalistic, primal aroma without being overpowering. Sensuality is enhanced with a raw yet refined fragrance. This item is made in the United States of America with 100% blended soy wax and top natural ingredients for a 20-hour, clean burn time. It comes in a chic, tin jar to give it a modern spin and is ideal for travel. This is a must-have for leather and candle enthusiasts. It spruces up your night and indulgence.

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