Your Special Trips with An Exquisite Tie Case

A special day awaits you

You probably have noticed that when people compliment the dress that you wear on special occasions, they might notice and comment on your “tie” first. We know we all spend time and effort choosing a matching tie for our well-tailored suit for a special event, like a wedding or an important meeting. So, if you are a person who owns a suit dust-cover bag for your luxury suit, it is time for you to elevate your special events with an exquisite tie case instead of folding it or rolling it in the bottom of your carry-on duffle bag.

Imagine that you are on your way to your special event or destination; You shave, you put on your beloved suit, bespoke handmade shoes and shinning cufflinks. You are now dressed up properly and you look gorgeous. The last thing that you do is savor the moment, as you gently and slowly open your tie case. You then choose the tie that best matches your suit and other accessories. You know you are ready to walk out of the hotel room with confidence to enjoy your special day, relax, and let yourself be spoiled.

So, wearing a wrinkled tie is never a great idea. you need a nice tie case for your special tie. Here, we are covering some important factors that may help you to find a nice tie case and pack your tie properly.

Tie Leather Case

Type of Tie Case

There are mainly two major types of tie case

Cylinder Travel Tie Case

This tie case is suitable for a single standard sized tie. People generally use it for short or overnight trips. There is no tie clip pocket. It’s a compact cylinder case and you need to roll your tie to pack into it.

Portfolio Travel Tie Case

The portfolio type tie case is comparatively big in size and can hold 4-6 ties. It has cufflinks, tie clips and other essential resources, and is often closed on three sides by a zipper. This type of tie case is absolutely perfect for a 4 to 7 day business or pleasure trip.

If you are thinking of having different ties on your next special trip, consider a spacious tie case that allows you to store at least 4 ties along with an inner pocket where you can stow other accessories like tie clips and cufflinks.


Leather, imitation leather, or nylon are all acceptable materials for travel tie cases. Expect to pay more for leather cases because of their greater quality and style. A less expensive option is faux leather, albeit there are wide variations in the quality of the manufacture. Either they are extraordinarily well-made and appear authentic, or they are poorly made, with flaws like exposed glue or weak seams. The design of nylon is strong, and it is a cheap material. Although it may not be the most appealing fabric for a case, it endures years of use when traveling.

Interior Materials & Design

The nylon interior material is strong, and it is the most common material. Nubuck or other expensive lining material can only be found on luxury tie cases and the touch and feel of this kind of lining reveals the better quality than the nylon lining. A system of straps and elastic bands can protect your delicate ties to avoid kinks, wrinkles; or worse, friction holes during transport.

How to pack tie

How to Pack Ties

It’s possible to keep your ties from wrinkling and gathering dust by storing them properly. Ties can be rolled up and placed in a drawer or hung on a tie rack in your closet. When you pull your ties out of storage, they will still be pressed and ready to wear if you store them in this manner.

tie leather case

Cuir Elixir Tie Case

At Cuir Elixir, our full-grained vegetable-tanned Tanchetta leather tie case, is a stylish two-tone exterior design, crafted in Italy, that exudes the quality, durability, and more style, with a nubuck waterproof lining and durable YKK Excella zipper-closure to keep your tie intact and wrinkle-free when traveling.

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