The Scents of Attitude

Cuir Elixir Glamora – An Attitude Towards A Stylish Lifestyle

At Cuir Elixir, a symbol of masculine and elegant lifestyle, desires to accentuate our status with a sense of smell. 

We often associate moods with colors, photographs, and even music. But, there’s one essential sense that can also be related with any mood, emotion, or feeling. It’s the sense of smell. It can take us to places, put us in a certain mind space, and even elevate the emotions that reside within us.  CuirElixr aims to precisely accomplish the mood-elevation through the masculine scent candle with a wood-like calming scent, an earthy nature scent, and sensual fine-leather scent for every significant emotion that a quintessential man goes through. Some of our scents include: Our Tuscany leather scent, elegant and sultry is further defined with the redolent leather scent mixed with an earthy yet sophisticated fragrance; Our HINOKI scent, this rare yet high-quality Japanese wood radiates a masculine, clean, wood-like scent that is relaxing and is reminiscent of the Japanese Zen philosophy; Our jungle scent ( the inspiration from the state of Oregon, home to some of the world’s most productive forests) , this fresh forest, masculine scent will radiate fragrance throughout your space and engulf you in the rainforest to alleviate stress. 

When you walk into your home or into your personal space , like a reading room, when you read your favorite book or listen to your favorite songs sitting next to the vinyl machines, there’s a sense of smell that sets the mood and even makes you feel like it’s “MY” space.  A zone where you might feel the light dims down or time freezes, and you’re the hero of the book or the singer singing the music. It’s that familiarity with the smell that impacts the feelings within you and also around you. The light and scent of the candles you shared with your loved ones can connect you with their souls, with those you loved and cared for the most to allow you to have some “me time” in your lives.

At Cuir Elixir, we believe every moment is the right moment, as you know how to give way to yourself by using finer things, even a scent. The sense of smell is an essential part of what makes us who we are. 


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